Lydium creates grant and support programs for the students of the faculty of agriculture in order to support the development of world agriculture.

Our grant program includes supporting students who submit their agricultural projects and academic studies to us through representatives, with Lydiums that will be given free of charge. Our support program includes supporting students who buy Lydium through representatives with a 10% reference bonus + 10% student bonus in addition to the amount they buy.

Being our representative, you can ensure that students in your region benefit from our grant and support program by making use of face-to-face meetings, social media, forums, Whatsapp and Telegram groups or other activities you have determined, you can earn a 20% reference bonus + 20% representative bonus for each student you bring to the support program. We can have more than one representative at all universities. If your school already has one representative and you want to carry out your own representative activities, you can make an application to be a representative.

For the representation application, send your message in which you introduce yourself to the address along with your student certificate. Your application will be reviewed and you will be returned as soon as possible.


Agricultural producers who want to cooperate in the field of investment and technology can send us your requests by clicking here.


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