QUESTION: What is Lydium?

ANSWER: Lydium is a digital finance and banking ecosystem developed using ethereum infrastructure to provide banking services such as receiving payments, making payments and using loans to millions of agricultural producers, agricultural workers and all other people who cannot benefit from banking services.

Contract: 0xFCd606a2767e102712Ad97EDf6bb6C4fE20F65cC

QUESTION: What is Lydium Financial Network?

ANSWER: The Lydium Financial Network is a double-layer blockchain distribution technology that runs in parallel with the main chain to solve the scalability and efficiency problems of the blockchain.

QUESTION: How Many Lydium Are There?

ANSWER: Lydium is in fixed supply and is constantly gaining value thanks to its fixed supply. Lydium (LYD) Maximum Supply is 10,000,000,000 Pieces.

QUESTION: How will the token distribution be made?

ANSWER: Lydium is aimed to be one of the largest decentralized financial networks in the world, and the token distribution will be made in accordance with the strategies determined by our expert team in line with this aim.

QUESTION: How do I buy Lydium?

ANSWER: You can easily buy Lydium by sending BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, ADA, DASH via Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, OKEX, Kraken, Kucoin, Bithumb, Bitfinex and all other crypto currency exchanges. Please click to find out how.

QUESTION: When will the ICO end?

ANSWER: 2 billion LYD, 20% of the Lydium maximum supply, has been put up for sale in a total of 4 stages, and the ICO will end when all stages are completed. If all stages take longer to complete than anticipated, the ICO may be terminated early by community decision.

QUESTION: When Can I Withdraw?

ANSWER: After the ICO, you can withdraw your Lydiums to contracted markets, operate them on the Lydium financial network, or transfer them to wallets that support Lydium.

QUESTION: What is a Faculty Representative?

ANSWER: Lydium creates grant and support programs for the students of the faculty of agriculture in order to support the development of world agriculture. The duty of faculty representatives is to ensure that students in their regions benefit from our grant and support program, by using face-to-face meetings, social media activities or other activities they determine. Representatives are rewarded for their work. Please click for detailed information and representative application.


Agricultural producers who want to cooperate in the field of investment and technology can send us your requests by clicking here.


For all your requests, you can contact us via support@lydium.org e-mail address.

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